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My first month at Shuangliu Experimental primary school


Hi, my name is Daniel and my first month at this school has been an eventful one. There has been an abundance of activities to participate in and lots of classes to teach. However, this workload has been enjoyable as the activities are very varied and I having been teaching all grades from 1 to 6. It has been challenging to access the different grade’s levels of English and to create a suitable lesson plan. However, the most encouraging and uplifting part about teaching at this school are the children I teach. They are extremely enthusiastic about learning English and their initial level of English was surprisingly good and they had no problem in grasping some of the more difficult topics that I prepared for them.


Another positive has been the warmth that the staff members have shown to me, every teacher in the English department speaks very good English so there are few misunderstandings and I always know what is expected of me. I also teach some special classes such as English corner, this class allows some of the more eager children to learn some extra English. I usually choose a subject that I know they will enjoy, such as Halloween or movies. The children that come to this class always have a good time and enjoy engaging in conversation with both myself and other students. I also teach a special English interest group, I have written a script that is based on the tale of Nian. I have been directing a play that will be shown at an event later, the children enjoy participating as the characters that I have written and demonstrating their acting ability.

Overall, my first month has been very enjoyable and I know I will continue to improve as a teacher. I look forward to the term ahead and teaching the children the intricacies of the English language.  


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