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Thanks! Parent volunteers from SEPS.


I'm Li Xingchen's mother, China has a word called "a thousand miles to meet ", I am very grateful to attend the Sino-Thai exchange activities. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to invite the Thai cultural ambassador to come to my house; it's been a special experience to have a Thai son in my life. We enjoyed spending time with the kids these days, At first, the language communication wasn't smooth, but due to simple oral English communication and translation software, it goes more and more smoothly. Food is another problem, but we have been taught to learn the authentic Thai soup Tom yam kung,Tom yum goong soup and dumplings often appear on our table. When traditional Chinese dumplings and delicious Thai Tom yam kung soup came together, I felt the culture of China and Thailand come together. Although it was only for a few days, I saw the change and progress of the two children. Xingchen practiced the hospitality of etiquette, and learned how to care for others; he learned to share the harvest and happiness! Jin Pande also learned about Chinese calligraphy, guqin, and experienced the ordinary life of Chinese students.  And he is also accustomed to the climate in Chengdu. Now they are always together, always thinking about each other. They take classes together; ride bikes together, listen to music, discuss the coordinates and locations on the world map, and tease the family cat. I feel really lucky to see their friendship getting deeper and deeper. It's a win-win experience for the two children.  I took lots of pictures and videos so we can remember our experience together. We will always keep in touch and I believe their friendship will last forever.   The exchanges between China and Thailand began in the Western Han Dynasty according to historical records. We will all remember the wonderful time we had together and I hope all of the children enjoy their happy life. I wish that the Sino-Thai friendship lasts forever.     


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