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Long time no see! P R C.

There is an old Chinese saying that it is always a great pleasure to meet friends who come from afar.


On March 14, 2018, Ms.Wanlee, director of the Academic Affairs Department of PRC. Ms.Puntharik Saima, Ms.Phattharapapha Bowonkomonthat, Mr.Wattanasit, teachers from PRC, and 26 lovely Thai students visited Shuangliu Experimental Primary School again.


In July, 2012, we established a long-term communication and cooperative relationship with PRC, and carried out Sino-Thai students exchange activities.


Today, PRC came to visit our school again and got a better understanding of our school, with the greetings from the students and the friendship of the school. We hope to promote mutual development of both teachers and students of the two schools through these activities. During which we can learn from each other, such as: visiting schools, classroom interaction, home stay, and so on.

We have a strong belief that various of communication can not only make the students learn more knowledge and understand culture better. Also help the students from different backgrounds to exchange ideas, improve the intercultural communicative competence, and develop a deep friendship.





PRC, let’s start looking forward to this wonderful and meaningful time!

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