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Focuses on Extracurricular Reading, Regular Teaching and Research, and Excellent Financial Support for Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School

Focuses on Extracurricular Reading, Regular Teaching and Research, and Excellent Financial Support for Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School

In the spring of March, the atmosphere of spring is purifying in the bottom of my heart and warming our body. Bathed in the bright sunshine, Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School’s teachers of all languages gathered in the multi-function hall to carry out this semester's teaching and research activities.


The theme of this teaching and research activity centered on the “out-of-class reading teaching,” and the director of the school, Yan Yan, presided over the activity.

Reading is an important learning behavior. It is also a good living habit. The reading of the entire book is the best way to cultivate children's language thinking and improve literacy. Under the complicity of the school teachers of the whole school, the theme of the semester subject teaching and research was determined: focusing on extracurricular reading guidance and developing children's language thinking.


Teaching and research activities are divided into two major sections: "Classroom Watching" and "Thematic Lecture". In order to arouse the sympathy of the teachers, the school invited the editor who had participated in the preparation of "How to read the group text." The outstanding teacher of the country, Long Yundong, taught the "Three Kingdoms" reading promotion class. Before class, Long teacher quickly narrowed the distance between the "Guessing the origin of his pen name" and the children in the fifth grade class and fully mobilized the children's interest in learning through interesting conversations. Immediately afterwards, Teacher Dragon talked about the “Three Kingdoms” with the children around the story line and the main characters. Throughout the class, the design suspense was clever and tightly grasped the children's interest in reading again; the reading guidance was clever, and the “comparative” reading method was skillfully run through; the cognition was ingenious and the “heroic hero” was The theme allows children to reconstruct the complete and rich concept of the hero.

At the end of the course, Long Yundong also shared with her the idea and thought of designing this reading promotion class. He exhorted all language teachers to perform the whole book reading instruction on the premise that the teacher had a good understanding of the book. A comprehensive understanding and reading of the book is required so that students can find the real language code and achieve the meaning of guidance.


Next, Ms. Zhang Jian, Dean of the Sichuan Yuanchuan Reading Academy, took the theme of “Persistent Reading of the Whole Book under the Background of the New Textbook” and led the Chinese language teacher in the school to start a new learning journey. She used the unified edition textbooks to present us with a general overview of the "reading" and the reading guidance system. The study of extracurricular reading will be the top priority of the new round of language curriculum research. To this end, she learned from the cultivation of reading habits, the study of reading methods, and the teacher's reading guidance force, which has greatly benefited the entire language teacher!


A short half-day of the subject teaching and research ended in the applause of the teachers. The teachers were still full of ideas! On the way to the "out-of-class book" reading guide, everyone was encouraged and the pace of progress has already begun. It is often said that childhood reading determines the gap between children; childhood reading determines the gap between adults. Yes, in this special spring, for the children to have a more beautiful reading life, the teachers of ShuangliuXiaoshi have joined forces to cultivate this beautiful hope!

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