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Education For International understanding series 4

Hello, Hills!

-- a visit to Shuangliu Experimental Primary School by the principal of the international department of hills international college, Australia.

  The sunny and beautiful sky indicates that happy things are coming!       

Our old friend, Mr. Paul Warfield, the principle of Australia international department of hills international college, returned our school visit at 2 pm. And also, he brought the sunny to Chengdu.

The delegate of our school who had visit hills in August 2019 and Mrs. Zhong welcomed the arrival of old friends warmly. Students and the principle recalled their buddy and kangaroo neighbors jumping in the school.

Under the guidance of principal Mr. Fu , Mr. Warfield visited the campus. He exclaims that the school layout is very good and the campus is clean and tidy!

Walking into the classroom of grade one, Mr. Warfield was impressed by the enthusiasm, confidence and generosity of the grade one children.

The principal walked into the school's intangible heritage class and watched the children learn the painting of qingyi facial makeup in Peking Opera. Mr. Warfield has gained some understanding of calligraphy, paper-cut and dough figurines in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore. he expressed his respect and admiration for Chinese culture.

Coincides with the school to carry out the athletes trial, Mr. Principal went to each field, watched the game, and cheered for the athletes!

The school administration team welcomed Mr. Warfield and Ms. Shi , representative of the southwest representative office of sears international college. And the principal Mrs. Yan delivered a speech of welcome on behalf of the school. Next, the two schools shared their practices on the topic of "cultivating students' international understanding ability". Foreign affairs division Mrs. Liu with "Ways to implement the Internationalization of Education in SEPS", told the story of the school from the international exchange, the area along the characteristics, community Education Internationalization activities, school curriculum from four aspects to cultivate students of international understanding and communication ability.  President Warfield provided opportunities for local and international students to learn about the world from the school's institutional setting (international college, language institute), curriculum setting (golf course, IB course, study tour course) and other aspects.

The two schools discussed the teacher exchange program. Mr. Warfield, on behalf of the school, welcomed Shuangliu Experimental primary school teacher to hills as Chinese teacher and teaching assistant.

Finally, the two schools gave each other school souvenirs, looking forward to the friendship and cooperation between the two schools!

President Warfield's visit has broadened the scope and depth of China-Australia cooperation.

China-Australia exchanges, across the north and south hemisphere, the four seasons reversal! It is the embodiment of our international understanding education philosophy "the world is our school, the society is our classroom"!



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