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RCSC, hug the world with smile!--Interschool culture and arts exchange gala

In this beautiful season, under the background of studying and practicing abroad, Princle Mao Fengming sharedour experience in international education practice on the stage of arts and culture communication ceremony.


“The world is a book and students do not travel read only one page.” This is the philosophy of our school for running studying and practicing abroad program. Specifically, during this program, we can widen our culture view, and build the platform to help children communicate with the world by studying、accepting、understanding and tolerating. Thus, we run through “RCSC” during the entire process of studying and practicing abroad. 


R means RESPECT, respect is the base; C means COMMUNICATE, communicate is the bridge; S means SHARE, share is the core; C means COOPERATE, cooperate is the aspiration. By integrating those four things to help children widen their international view, understand world cultures, practice and improve their ability of communicating with outside of the country, promote culture interaction、communication and friendship with international students.

At that time, Our Wushu team showed their wonderful Chinese martial arts.The audience responded with thunderous applause.



As one of the first international education window schools, our school has already built cordial relationships with Hills International College in Australia、Albion Park Rail Public School in Australia、Edgewood Magnet School in the USA、County Christrian School in the USA, The Prince Royal’s College and Aroonpradi School in Thailand and communicated with them 16 times,624 students and teachers were involved. This interaction activity propagandizes education brand of Shuangliu, extends depth and breadth of Chengdu international education, and becomes another card to exhibit urban center image of Chengdu.

We do believe, we will make children listen to the world with their hearts and hug the world with their smile.








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