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Welcome to our English corner!

【Writer: 刘钊颖 April

Welcome to our English corner! At the beginning of this term, our new English teacher arrived. Do you know his name? His name is Daniel and he is from England, he is a handsome guy. He talked to the kids at the first English corner, what did he talk about? Let's see.... The kids were asking him some personal questions to get to know him better, they asked "How old are you Daniel?". He is also very tall so the kids were curious about that and asked him, "How tall are you?".


Daniel seems like a happy and friendly boy, he likes to talk about tv shows and movies and discussed movies such as "Captain America", "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", and "Doraemon". Finally, Daniel asked "What subjects do you all take at school?". The children answered and then Daniel asked which subject was their favourite and he was happy to discover that a lot of the kids really enjoyed English class. Daniel and the kids also discussed music and what instruments everyone could play, Daniel said he could play the guitar and drums and maybe one day they could all practice together, but he said he wouldn't sing because he is so bad and would get embarrased.


The English corner gives us all a chance to practice our oral English with a real English person who is always happy to speak with you and will be discussing a different topic every week so there are always more things to learn!

Come and join us!

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