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Introducing Different Culture

[Writer: Daniel]

This month has been eventful at Shuangliu Experimental Primary school, one of the most enjoyable things I have done this month is go to an event which demonstrates different parts of Chinese culture. There were lots of different activities to participate in. These activities ranged for Chinese Calligraphy to learning a traditional Chinese instrument, lots of foreign teachers in the area attended this event so it was fun to compete with them in these tasks.


Since it is November, I taught the students about Thanksgiving and it is interesting to see the Chinese students reacting to a different culture and their perception of the event and the reasons behind it. I believe that one of the most enjoyable facts of teaching in China is going to be introducing the children to different cultures and letting them compare their Chinese ideology with other cultures.


The staff at the school are extremely helpful too, they have given me some excellent feedback on how to make my lessons more interesting. I like their directness and I think this will be important for me to progress as a teacher and adapt to their philosophy of teaching.


Overall, I feel settled at this school and I am finding it very enjoyable, and I know this will continue.


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