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A little look at a month so spooky

October was a quiet month for me. I spent the first week enjoying the national holiday. This year I decided to stay in Chengdu to avoid the travel chaos so had a relaxing time without any crowds. I finally made it to Happy Valley the amusement park and had a great day there without any queues or waiting. The rides there were just as good as the ones at Disney, so I was very impressed! The whole place was decorated in the spirit of Halloween and they had several haunted houses to test your bravery in. This was the inspiration of my lessons for the month.


This months’ lessons were based around the different monsters found during Halloween. Younger students were able to learn the names of some of these monsters and learn what they looked like. Each monster had a certain action which the students could imitate to help remember each one. Then we were able to play a guessing game based on the student’s knowledge of the monsters and their actions. The enjoyed being able to act out the monsters (especially the fat Halloween pumpkin). Older students were able to watch some videos of different monsters so that they could use their own vocabulary to create descriptions of the Halloween monsters. I hope that nobody was too scared by the Halloween monsters!

Halloween is one of the most loved festivals in the UK and is a time of great excitement for everyone from children to grandparents. I’m happy that this exciting time is spreading to new countries and I hope that it continues to grow in popularity. I hope that everyone had a great Halloween (even if you didn’t celebrate!). 

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